What’s today? The first day of November already? Time really flies by, but stopping to appreciate where you are now can help it to slow down a little. When you walk outside, look around at the changing leaves, feel the cooling air on your skin, breathe in the scents of fall. Think about what you’re grateful for from last month, and get excited for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or whatever you have to celebrate in the upcoming months. If the holidays are hard or isolating for you, take time to pause and thank yourself for taking care of yourself, and welcome the possibility of turning a new leaf in the future. And, most importantly, pause on right now. What are you grateful for today? What acts of self love are you going to incorporate into your day to feel some joy and comfort? What are you going to do for someone else that will brighten their day? And, no matter where you are in life, thank yourself for being strong and showing up every day. Let’s make it a good November!


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