We have all been told to make sure to drink plenty of water each day to maintain our physical health. And this makes sense when you consider that drinking water aids with digestion and joint movements, helps maintain internal circulation, and also allows your body to absorb much needed nutrients from food easier. What some may not know is that there are implications that drinking water can impact our mental health as well. In a study of 120 women, researchers had found that lower water intake was correlated to greater tension, depression and confusion. When replicated using men, they found similar results. These implications allude that increasing your water intake may be beneficial for your overall mental health, and that by staying clear from dehydration, drinking enough water every day can have positive influences on our moods. If you find that you are not drinking enough water, try keeping a water bottle close to you throughout the day or set alarms to remind yourself to intake water. Not only will this help physically, but it may assist in mental health and well-being as well!


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