Trying new things can be challenging, and most of the time the idea of doing something completely new can be intimidating. Yet, getting out of our comfort zone and exploring new and exciting topics we are interested in or activities we have not done before can improve our happiness in a variety of ways. For starters, engaging in something different can add some fun and excitement to our life as we channel our curiosity to find a new interest or hobby. As we continue to engage in this new activity, it can also boost our confidence in our abilities to achieve something, can give a sense of accomplishment and hope, as well as open up the possibility to meet people that share similar interests, further giving us social satisfaction and pleasure. In  other words, trying something new enhances our happiness! Just like anything new, however, some things may take some time to get better at, and it is important that we are patient as we continue the process of trying new things. Instead of getting frustrated, try remembering that some activities will just take time to master, and it is this process that we acquire confidence in ourselves and a sense of accomplishment. So, go out and try something new, be patient, and stick with it! It may just be a nice boost of happiness you deserve!


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