Play is not just for kids; it’s for everyone! Getting in touch with that young fun can have numerous benefits: reduced stress, improved creativity, and a better work-life balance. Here are some ways to incorporate play into your life: 

  1. Revisit Old Hobbies: Revisit hobbies from your past. Take up painting, coloring, dancing, a sport, or an instrument!
  2. Explore Nature: Go outside! Hike on a trail, go to a park, or have a picnic. There are so many ways to get yourself in nature. You’ll be surprised how good you feel!
  3. Mindfulness: Take up mindfulness activities like coloring, going on walks, meditation, or mindful eating. Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine can really change your outlook on life!
  4. Adventure: Go to a new restaurant for dinner. Go to a new shop in your city. Or, even more daring, go to a new city on a whim! Explore your surroundings and see new places! 
  5. Creativity: Try some kind of creative expression. Whether it’s painting in your bedroom or joining a weekend improv group, encouraging your creativity to flow can really engage your brain!

Remember, play is not something that you outgrow or become too old for. It’s a timeless activity essential for a life of happiness and well-being!



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