Here we are in 2023, and many of you are probably wondering how another year sped by so fast. Sometimes time seems to go by so fast that you don’t feel in control. Sometimes it feels like life is in control, and you are just along for the ride. But it is possible to take the reins and be in the driver’s seat of your own life. However, this takes self-reflection on your patterns and tendencies, both positive and negative. You have to know yourself to be able to support yourself and steer yourself in the right direction. So this new year, take some time to reflect on the past year. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • What did you accomplish this year that you’re proud of?
  • Who did you become closer to?
  • What relationships or goals fell to the wayside? 
  • What did you forgive yourself for? What are you still holding onto?
  • What did you forgive others for? Are you still holding any grudges? 
  • What, on a personal level, are you really proud of yourself for?
  • What did you struggle with? 
  • What is one fear you overcame?
  • What problem is still weighing heavily on your mind?
  • What is one thing you wish you started last year, that you could start now?


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