Just listening to sounds of nature has been shown to improve people’s quality of life. In general, according to multiple studies, listening to nature audio decreases stress and pain in people. Studies have shown that listening to rain noises can improve sleep, slow heart rate, and slow breathing. They are also just generally calm and soothing! Additionally, listening to bird noises reduces stress, increases positivity, increases productivity, and improves observational skills. And you don’t have to be in nature to listen to nature. Rain machines, white noise machines, audio recordings, and videos are great ways to listen to various sounds! 

  • Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds ← This is an app for nature sounds!
  • Youtube ← A great place to look up various sounds of nature! 
  • Rainy Mood ← This is an excellent app for rain noises, specifically! 
  • White Noise Machine


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