Our happiness is often heavily influenced by the amount of rest we receive. If you find yourself dragging by the end of your days or that waking up is a real challenge, it might be helpful to create a sleep schedule. Setting a specific time to go to bed and get up in the morning gets your body used to a routine and helps us avoid an afternoon crash. Adjusting to getting up at the same time each morning might be difficult at first, but there are many alarm apps today that can help with this. You can try more calming tones or waking up to your favorite tunes. There are even clocks that make you complete a task before they turn off, such as a rug that forces you to stand up or an alarm clock that rolls away from you (which might be a welcome feature depending on how big your room is). Once you are used to rising at a certain time each morning, finding a set bedtime should be easy. Knowing how much sleep our body needs and making that a part of our schedules can lead to more energy and a happier work day.


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