A lot of the time we may feel rushed out the door in the morning to get on with our days, not being able to enjoy a nice healthy breakfast. We may feel tired easily and lose steam as the day progresses without this first initial boost of energy. According to a study of medical students, eating breakfast was significantly correlated to increases in measurements of happiness. This can have many implications. For one, being able to slow down and take time for yourself to eat a meal in the morning may give us some time to gather our thoughts and make sure that we feel mentally prepared to take on our day. In having this time to be mindful of how we are feeling before our busy schedules, it may clear our heads to take on whatever we need to. There is also the energy aspect of breakfast. Eating a hardy meal to start the day can give us the necessary energy to have that initial umph in the morning. So, try waking up a little bit earlier to make some breakfast for yourself. Try to be present while you eat and focus on your own mind in preparation for the day. It may give you a nice morning burst of energy and happiness!


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