This week, the goal is to create a positive energy in our lives by declaring positive statements about self. So often, we get up in the morning, before we even jump out the bed, we look at our phones and compare our lives to others. Then we get ready for work, or get the children ready for school, and then go to work and forget to set a positive tone for the day. Most of us get so busy with life that we forget to reaffirm and recharge ourselves by recognizing the positive attributes we possess. Saying daily positive statements to yourself increases your happiness and overall mood. Here is an activity to practice today: Write your name on a large piece of paper and write a positive/loving adjective for every letter in your name. Then decorate your paper and place it where you can visibly see it every day. For example, if your name is Lisa your adjectives may be:


Read your positive statements to yourself every day. “I am loving, I am impressive, I am smart, I am amazing.” Then observe and reflect on how your mood positively changes. Your happiness starts on the inside of you.


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