Are there scents that make us feel happier? It sounds silly, but there is research out there that points to the answer being yes! For example, flowers, and especially lavender or jasmine flowers, have been associated with feelings of calmness. This calmness has been attributed to help with insomnia and even depression. Another example is with peppermint. The scent of peppermint has been linked to the elevations of peoples’ moods and even stimulation of the mind and body due to the oil the leaf contains. Lastly, fresh-cut grass is another scent that has been researched on. The chemical released by newly cut grass has been associated with feelings of relaxation and, for some, joy! Even though this a silly, or maybe even weird, way to gather happiness in our lives, try to enjoy nature’s scents and capture the beauty in the air we may take for granted. It may even give a nice boost of happiness to our day!


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