Acute stress, or short-term stress, is common. It is hard not to feel anxious when we try to navigate our busy lives with responsibilities that, at times, may feel like too much! Acute stress, though, can be detrimental to our overall mood; it can decrease emotional regulation which can bring forth negative emotions, and if built up, can lead to undesired mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Research suggests, however, that through reminiscing over positive memories of joyful experiences we have had in our lives, we can alleviate some of this acute stress and regain our positive attitudes! In one study where participants were induced with stress, they found that those who recalled positive memories and experiences they have had, had lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and lower reports of negative moods. Keeping these findings in mind, next time you are experiencing a stretch of stress in your life, try to sit back, relax, and reminisce over fond memories you have of when you were the happiest. You may find this will help alleviate the worry you are feeling, and allow you to regain a positive mood as you tackle your day to day life!


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