I feel as though sometimes when I get too stressed or have too much on my plate, it feels better when I am reminded that I deserve to take some breaks to relax. So, for those that feel they are constantly working hard and feel a little run down, tired, exhausted, stressed, or anxious, I wanted to let you know that you too deserve to take a break! Stress can be a helpful tool in our motivation to do work and to do it efficiently, however, there is a certain point where stress can have adverse effects on us and blind us from truly getting to enjoy our lives. With too much stress, we may feel as though we cannot think straight or feel as though our lives are controlled by this feeling. Taking time out of your day to do what you enjoy doing, whether that be to take a walk or to watch a funny movie, can really give you a nice reset for your mind. It can allow your thoughts to get in order so that when you are done with your break and relaxation, it may feel easier to get work done efficiently. So, with this being said, allow time for yourself! You deserve a break and some relaxation to minimize stress and carry on with a more refreshed mindset!




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