Sometimes it feels very easy to brush something off for a later date. We may try to avoid boredom or stress by navigating around a project, task, or assignment, only to be hit by the boredom and stress even more when we realize we have to get it done, now with limited time. This pesky procrastination can be more dangerous to our mental health than we really think, however. Procrastination has been linked to higher stress, lower life satisfaction, symptoms of depression and anxiety, lack of persistence, and negative self-evaluation. To avoid procrastination, try to reward yourself for starting on a task while periodically taking breaks. Break the mindset that it will be a hard task or be boring, and instead embrace challenges. While we are productive and getting things done, we may start to feel a little happier about ourselves and the tasks we are working on! So, avoid procrastination and find happiness in productivity! 


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