Plan Your Happiness!

We are all familiar with the mechanics of time; there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. Yet, something about time tends to both confuse and stress all of us out. We either feel as though there is too much, or feel as though we cannot get enough! One of the ways that have helped me manage my time to make it seem a little less out of my control is through using a daily planner. A daily planner can be a notebook, a sheet of paper, or even a sticky note! They are there for you to document what you want to do, how long it may take, and approximately when you want to work on it in a given day. For these reasons, planners allow individuals to practice healthy time management and focus on productivity that can both make us feel less stressed and more content in our daily schedules. Furthermore, a daily planner does not have to be all business! Write down fun activities to do as well as a reminder to take a break and do something for yourself. You can write down when you plan on exercising, or plan on cooking a nice meal, or anything that you want to take time out of your day to do. Practice using a daily planner if you ever feel overwhelmed or crammed. It may allow stressful times to not seem so stressful and may create a sense of balance and happiness in your daily life!


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