Modern life requires many of us to be on our phones a lot—and the addictive nature of them often causes us to stay hooked even longer than necessary! Going phoneless for a day can help us reconnect with ourselves and our sense of inner peace, and help us feel more present in the world around us. It may help your concentration and decision-making. While you won’t be able to communicate with friends or family far away, staying off your phone can help you deepen your connections to the people who are right there. If you are used to using your phone at night, going phoneless will likely improve your sleep. Even a brief break can help you get back on track with these things, and remind you of what really matters in the here-and-now. We recommend choosing one day a month to go phoneless, perhaps the first Sunday of every month. If necessary, you can warn friends and family you will be off your phone on that day. If you need to be around your phone in case of an emergency, there is an iPhone setting with which you can put your phone on silent, and if someone calls twice, it will ring. Taking a break from your phone is an act of self-care that may benefit you more than you know, and it is at least worth a try!


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