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If anyone is thinking of any great new year resolution ideas, limiting social media usage could be a great one! A study on social media use and mental health had found that more time on social media was significantly associated with greater symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, the same study revealed that more daily usage of social media was significantly associated with higher levels of clinically severe anxiety symptoms. As this study suggests, social media could be the source of some of our anxiety we face on a daily basis. Although social media can seem like an easy and harmless way of catching up with friends and seeing what everyone is up to, this may have more adverse effects on our mental health than we thought if we abuse this ability in unhealthy ways. Try to limit your social media use through engaging in phone calls or meeting for a coffee instead with friends. By doing so, you may feel more connected to those you love and it may also be a great way to limit some unnecessary stress and anxiety as we go through the new year! 




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