1. Vibrant Colors: Color psychology can really affect your mood. Vibrant greens, blues, and yellows can be both calming and uplifting. 
  2. Plants: Bringing nature into your home can really improve your mood. We all know that going out and seeing nature is good for our mental and physical health, so why not bring it inside!
  3. Pictures: Putting photos around your home of loved ones and good memories can bring a really positive, personal touch to your home!
  4. Organize: Organization is a great way to reduce stress and make you feel on track and in control. It also will make your space look better in general!
  5. Aromatherapy: Incorporating various aromatherapy (candles or essential oils) can both give a lovely aesthetic to your home and use smell to improve your mood.
  6. Personal Sanctuary: Dedicate a part of your home to be “your area.” In this space, you can put books, records, yoga materials, or whatever activity makes you feel rejuvenated. 

Try incorporating these decorating tips into your home to make your space a place of happiness and positivity!


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