March 4, 2013

Here at Lepage Associates, we currently have five interns who are with us from local universities.   They are here to learn about the practice & get experience in the field of psychology.  During the spring we’ll be asking them for their thoughts on “happiness” as a young adult on the edge of their next chapter – here is the first question we asked them and their answers:

What is happiness to you?

  • I define my happiness as the sense of accomplishment I get as a result of my hard work, dedication, and determination that I’ve put-forth on a task or goal. The goals could be anything – getting a good test grade, scoring a date, getting physically fit, etc.
  • Happiness is doing the things I love, with the people I love.
  • Happiness is smiling, laughing, and genuinely feeling good wherever you are. It’s free.
  • Happiness is being content with things going on in your life, regardless of the ups and downs. Happiness is accepting things as they are and looking for the positive in every situation.
  • Happiness to me is feeling fulfilled in all aspects of my heath: mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. I feel happiest when I feel satisfied with all three parts of my health.


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