Sometimes life just tuckers us out. It may seem that we have to always be on the go or get something done, however, it can be beneficial to slow down occasionally and even take a quick little nap! Napping has been linked physically and mentally to increases in energy, increases in productivity, increases in relaxation, decreases in stress and decreases in depressive moods. Being able to take a break from life and nap can be a great tool to relax and benefit your mental and physical health as you navigate your busy lives. It can serve as a way to temporarily take a step back from all the stressors in your life and get a little boost on your day to allow you to go through it the best that you can. The important thing to remember with naps, however, is that you have to be careful about when you time them. Too close to night or morning may disrupt your circadian rhythm so think about taking a nap during the day when you need a quick little revive!


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