Do you ever come home and feel instantly irritated because you have no idea what you are going to make for dinner? Or do you ever wake up and stare at your lunch bag for what feels like eternity because you have no idea what to take to work? For those of us who have experienced either (or both) of these scenarios know how frustrating it can be. Perhaps it is time to consider meal planning! Here’s why… Planning meals ahead can save time. Don’t believe it? Take a moment to consider how much time you roughly spend a week on just thinking about what to make for a meal after a long day of work? Or how much of your morning is taken up while you contemplate your lunch. Once you do decide what to eat, do you find yourself making quick runs to the supermarket because you are missing a key ingredient? Meal planning can help. Spending 20-30 minutes a week to plan your meals can reduce the time wasted daily, as well as eliminate the time it takes to make the quick runs to the grocery store. Another major benefit of meal planning is healthy eating. When we take time to plan ahead, we can consider things like a balanced, healthy, fulfilling diet. Another huge benefit is you save money. By planning ahead, you may be able to identify common ingredients that are cheaper to buy in larger quantities. Also, it can reduce the likelihood of the excuse, “I have nothing to eat today. I’ll just eat out.” Overall, it reduces stress, as you no longer have to deal with the worry of what to make on a daily basis.


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