We’re still toward the beginning of 2022, so it’s not too late to make a bucket list for the year! What should you include on your bucket list? You may want to include some goals you want to accomplish, maybe involving your career or your home. But we encourage you to make at least half of your items things you’d like to do for enjoyment, or for the experience. Such as baking your first cake, or taking a vacation, or going to visit that college friend, or finally getting that fun haircut you’ve been too scared to get. Making a bucket list can help you brainstorm and get creative about the things you’d like to do. You may not always give yourself the permission to think freely about the things you want to do, so this activity can help you uncover some of your desires. Also, you know how we love lists. Writing things down in list-form makes it more likely you’ll actually do them. And you’ll get good feelings each time you check something off! 


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