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When’s the last time you did arts and crafts? Almost every kid enjoys it, but we rarely see adults allowing themselves the same fun. The truth is, many of us stop doing art when we become more self-aware and self-conscious of what we’re making. We only want to do what we’re good at, and we find it embarrassing to make something child-like. In our teenage years, many of us stop being praised for our creative spirit. We stop exploring artistically and maybe even forget why we loved it in the first place. But more and more research is showing that adults need fun and play as well, and art is one of the easiest ways to do that. A good first step to get back into it is to allow yourself to make something silly with no judgment. You could make paper plate masks, sock puppets, origami, paper lanterns, or dream catchers. You could paint rocks, splatter paint, finger paint, or even draw with your eyes closed. If you know you’ll be too concerned with how the final product looks to enjoy making it, you can vow to throw away your project at the end, regardless of how it turns out. This will allow you to focus on the process. You could do this with kids if you have any in your life, plan a night with friends, or simply get into it alone. There’s no harm in trying!


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