Are you sick of hearing “I’m bored,” “Can we watch TV,” “Can I play my video games”? Summer break is hard for kids, even now when we are to the tail end of it. Parents are giving up and giving in just trying to survive. Child rearing is difficult in general, let alone when transitions happen from full-time routine at school, to home every day looking for something to do. Use these last couple weeks as a bonding time with your kids. Come up with something fun you can do before the stress of school and after school activities come back around, never having a free breath to speak the words “I’m bored.” Summer vacation is just that, a time for kids to relax, unwind, take in and appreciate the down time with family. I know, teaching them these skills is easier said than done, but is important to a lifetime of handling transitions and independently working our way through them. Have fun with your babies and enjoy the quiet before the storm.


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