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You have a free evening, your pizza was just delivered, and you decide it’s the perfect night for a movie night. You suddenly forget every movie you’ve been wanting to watch, so you go on your streaming site to browse, watch about 15 different trailers, and still come up with nothing. Now your pizza is cold and you’re not so interested in a movie after all. Does this sound familiar? We’ve got a suggestion, and that is to be proactive with deciding which movies and shows you want to watch next. Every time you come across one that piques your interest, take a couple of seconds to write it down on a list. If you have a phone with a notes app, this can be a good place to do so. You may want to write a couple of notes next to the title, such as the name of the person who recommended it to you, what it is about, or why it caught your attention, so you remember what it is when you go through the list later. You can do the same thing with books or articles you’d like to read as well. This way, when it’s time to sit down and consume some media, the work is already done for you, and you can truly relax.


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