Breathe in…breathe out! Sometimes we tend to move too fast. We may feel that we are always on the move or have to complete something every second of the day. This can get in the way of us recognizing that we need to stop and take a break. Even just sitting down to control our breathing, making sure to focus on the ins and outs of air from our lungs, can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and overall allow us to regain a positive state our busy lives seem to take us away from. Research has shown that practicing healthy breathing techniques are associated with comfort, an overall sense of relaxation, and increases in pleasantness. Furthermore, these breathing techniques have been associated with reducing anger, anxiety, and overall arousal, creating a sense of calmness and positive affect within us. Sure, yoga or meditation may be a great way to practice breathing techniques, but even just stopping every once in a while to focus on our breathing patterns can calm us down and promote a healthy headspace to move forward with our day!


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