Sometimes our lives feel so busy and crowded that we tend to focus purely on our own feelings, emotions, and situations. Although this can be done in a healthy self-reflecting manner, we can also let this stray us away from one of life’s greatest gifts: kindness! Random acts of kindness, complimenting someone, or taking time to volunteer for your local community can be beneficial for both those you help and yourself. Research has shown that showing true and genuine kindness can increase your emotional wellbeing, happiness, self-esteem and can help reduce any stress you are experiencing in your everyday life. These acts of kindness can be as simple as calling a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, telling your family how much you appreciate them, offering some time to a friend that needs to talk about a certain situation, or even giving a compliment to a stranger at your local coffee shop. Regardless of what it may be, notice how these acts of kindness make you feel as you make the world a kinder and more emotionally healthy place!


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