Sometimes it’s difficult to think of things to be happy about. I’m a big believer in being happy with what we have and not wishing for something we don’t. However, I will admit there are times when it seems like a stretch to find something to celebrate as creating happiness. So, obviously, when I’m stuck, I look things up on the internet. Today I came across this book titled 14,000 Things to be Happy About (by Barbara Ann Kipfer). 14,000? Geeze, if she can come up with 14,000 I can surely come up with a couple each week, right? Here goes…

  • The cartoons hanging on my fridge that kids of friends have created for me
  • The leafy green mint plant on my front porch. I love mint -it’s so uplifting and delicious!
  • Drinking ice cold water after hours of lawn work.
  • Hearing my coworkers’ morning greetings as I walk in the office door.
  • Sneakers. I love wearing sneakers. They are so comfortable and cute!


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