It snowed last night, which is unusual for this area. For many of us, at this point in our lives a “snow day” means frustration and inconvenience: canceling important work meetings, trying to keep children (and yourself) from going stir-crazy , canceling flights, making do with what you have in the fridge because you didn’t think the roads would be that bad, trying to get to a hotel because your electricity went out, seeing your smashed magnolia. Although I know all this, I felt a real excitement last night when I saw the snow start to fall. And based on Facebook, it’s true for others, too. There’s a residual sense of magic for me after knowing for all my childhood years that snow = snow day = awesome! It doesn’t make sense anymore, but it doesn’t have to. This particular example might not fit you, but I bet you have some leftover childhood magic somewhere. Look around inside and when you find it hold on as tight as you can. It’s a real gift, feeling happy despite the facts.


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