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By now, you have probably made an impression about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. I am sure you’ve heard stories of people walking in others’ yards or requests not to hunt Pokémon at historical sites. I admit I was skeptical when my sister encouraged me to download the App in order to connect with my kiddo clients, but that changed the moment I took a hike at my local park. I walked out of my car and immediately observed 90% of park-goers were playing Pokémon, from young children to older couples. It was somewhat disturbing seeing all of the people staring at their phones, but it turned out to be a fantastic social experiment. I congregated with 10-15 people in the woods while catching Pokémon and laughed as I passed other adults (because we knew what each other was doing).

You can easily forget the purpose of the App amongst all the media pomp and circumstance, getting children of all ages active. From what I have observed on my Pokémon excursions, it seems to promote exercise, social skills, and navigating maps.


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