Every now and then, I am reminded of my younger self when a certain song plays on the radio or a family member recalls an event from my youth. I have mixed feelings toward that younger version myself. I miss her naiveté and unfiltered, positive outlook. I laugh at her for things that were overwhelming at the time but seem ridiculous now, like crying over a break-up during a softball game. I am disappointed in her emotional maturity, but admire her steadfast determination. I wish she would have let loose a little bit more and had not been so uptight. I dislike when her emotions got the best of her (and a couple of relationships). I applaud her morals and respect her passion.

That girl is always staring back at me when I look in the mirror. She resides in my core being and comes along with me in life. Parts of her have diminished over time while other aspects have strengthened. She reminds me of where I come from and how I’ve matured. This New Year’s Eve remember that Auld Lang Syne means “old long ago,” and raise your glass to toast the core you!


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