Have you been reading the daily news reports comparing happiness levels in different countries? We seem to be obsessed with figuring out who is happiest in the world. The third annual World Happiness Report has been published, and right up front it explains that “happiness is increasingly considered a proper measure of social progress” which explains why it’s blowing up our headlines. Among other happiness data, the report shares six factors that appear to determine a nation’s happiness: The GDP per capita (typically an indicator of standard of living), your sense of social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to live your life as you want, your own level of generosity, and government corruption. According to the report, these explain almost 75% of the variation in reported happiness by country. So where to settle down? Cancel your one-way plane ticket to the Congo (#20) and pack your bags for Switzerland (#1). Genießen Sie Ihr neues glückliches Leben!


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