Sorry Tyra. Long before you coined the term “smize,” French physician Guillaume Duchenne taught us about smiling with our eyes. In the 1800’s he determined that during a real smile (or Duchenne smile), certain tiny eye muscles move in particular ways. Studies show we’re not actually that good at distinguishing between Duchenne and fake smiles, and now that everyone knows about smizing how will we ever figure out who genuinely likes us? No worries! Here’s a Quick Reference Guide to Smiling:

Duchenne Smile: mouth pulls to the sides and up, crow’s feet appear, eyebrows are slightly pulled down

Fake Smile: only the mouth moves

The Smize: mouth doesn’t move, eyes get a bit squinty and really intense. Fierce!

If you still want to nail The Smize and just can’t get it, don’t worry. Tyra came out with an app that Smizes your photos for you.


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