WOOO!!!! Chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, new commercials, and musical performances are only ancillary things to be eager for on one of the biggest sports nights of the year. The anticipation can be found in most restaurants, stores, organizations, and schools. We are excited to sit in front of the largest TV we can find with neighbors and friends to see what team will be crowned the Super Bowl 50 Champion.

Despite all the excitement and disappointment of the play-off season, I love the Super Bowl because it brings a strong sense of community regardless of the two teams. It’s a time for family, friends, food and celebration. It may even be the time of year where we feel most connected with our neighbors and coworkers. We complete our grids at work the week before game and then discuss the best and worst plays, commercials, and musical acts for the following week. I encourage you to bask in the sense of community during this year’s Super Bowl and keep your fingers crossed!


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