Do you ever look back on your life and regret some decisions or behaviors? Regrets can come in all shapes and sizes. Some take the form of words you wish you never said like during an argument with a partner or a friend. Other regrets are missed opportunities such as not attending college or not visiting an ill family member one last time before they passed away. Sometimes regrets may become the soundtrack of your life. As the playlist repeats, you may blame yourself for behaviors in your past. You may wonder, “What is wrong with me? How could I possibly do something like that to someone?”

Consider this quote from Desmond Tutu, “Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.” By forgiving yourself, you are reminding yourself that you have new insights about the past and can put this awareness into action in the future. It is when you begin forgiving yourself that you open up to the prospect of serenity and personal satisfaction.


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