I used to live in my own tiny bubble. I was a stay-at-home kind of girl who watched Dateline on the weekends and chose cheeseburgers when it was my turn to pick a restaurant. I rarely ventured out of my comfort zone. Over the years, friends burst that bubble as I begrudgingly accompanied them to try sushi, hiking, punk rock shows, and festivals I’d typically prefer to avoid.

There have been ups and downs along my journey of new experiences. I really enjoyed the band dressed in mummy costumes during their performance, but continue to be disgusted each time I try an IPA. Because I’ve ventured outside my bubble I’m not nearly as anxious, stressed or afraid of new things. I feel more confident, at ease, and happy because there isn’t as much to fear once I learned life outside my bubble was OK. I’ve made it a rule to say “yes” when friends approach me with new activities. Nevertheless, I will always refuse to ride the ginormous rollercoaster.


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