Before the ghouls and goblins venture out on October 31st, consider celebrating these other special days in October.

October 1: National Frugal Fun Day – Find some free or inexpensive activities today. Playing board games, having a bonfire, perusing local libraries and museums, visiting the nearby park, or gazing at the stars are just a few ideas to get you started.

October 5: National Do Something Nice Day- Evoke smiles on others by doing something nice or pleasant for friends and family.

October 14: National Dessert Day – Indulge (if applicable to you).

October 19: National Evaluate Your Life Day – Reflect on your life here and now. How are things going? Any changes on the horizon? Assess if any adjustments are needed or whether new goals need to be set.

October 22: Make a Difference Day – A national holiday since 1900, this day focuses on volunteering and helping those in our communities. You can pick-up a piece of litter on the street, help a neighbor with some maintenance and repairs, or contribute to your communities and schools.


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