Classical, jazz, rock, country, rap, electronic are some of many options when it comes to music. For many, music is a pleasurable activity and helps to lift spirits. Researchers at the University of Missouri found an individual can work towards improving their mood by listening to cheery and upbeat music. In addition to music improving emotional well-being, a review of studies by Bradt & Dileo (2009) found music can also yield physical benefits, such as, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety in heart disease patient. Aside from listening to music, a 2013 Finnish study including 1,000 students found that those who attended singing classes reported higher satisfaction at school in almost every area. Though research shows improved emotional and physical well-being by listening to happy music, try it out for yourself! Incorporating music into your daily life can be done in multiple ways. Here are just a few: listening to music while driving somewhere, playing music while working out, or joining a music group (e.g., band or choir).


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