At some point we all abandon a project, whether it is a crossword puzzle in the Sunday newspaper or a DIY project that takes up half the garage. Starting something new can be exciting, but can quickly turn into something that puts a damper on our happy mood. Often what happens is we start off with the big, end picture in mind fueling the joy of starting, but once we are in the nitty-gritty of things we begin realizing how many steps there are. This is usually when our mind starts saying, “Abandon ship!” If you decide to return to an old project, this time approach it for what it is, small parts that make something whole. Take time before you even dive back in to where you left off and develop a plan. Be realistic of the steps and specify in your mind or on paper what each step entails. Once that is done, each time you take time to work on your project, aim to complete that one specific step rather than trying to tackle the project in its entirety.


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