Have you ever seen a word cloud where words are combined into an image? The larger the word, the greater its frequency or importance. I encourage to you to make a word cloud of your emotions by listing all the emotions you experienced during the past week. You might notice words like frustrated, disappointed, sad, angry, or proud. What emotions will be in smaller font sizes on your cloud, the emotions you did not experience often? What emotions occurred more frequently and seem more important? It’s beneficial to take stock of our emotions every once in awhile to determine whether certain emotions are affecting our attitudes and behaviors, especially if we are feeling stuck in an emotion right now.

The lesson I find most important in this exercise is that emotions eventually pass and are replaced by others. Take a look at that list, how many emotions are listed? How many of those emotions are you experiencing right now? How many emotions did you forget until you began this exercise? Whatever pain, suffering, or turmoil you may be experiencing at the moment, they will eventually fade and replaced by a whole new host of emotions.


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