September kicks-off one of the most magical times of the year as leaves begin to change colors, children laugh on school playgrounds, trumpets roar during high school football games and morning beverages taste more like pumpkins than actual lattés. Our senses switch into overdrive as we indulge in the sights, sounds and tastes of the season.

What is most notable to me is how our senses rekindle memories and activate our happiness. Perhaps the taste of hot chocolate warms your heart on a crisp morning. Maybe the smell of the nutmeg candle on your coffee table takes you back to your grandmother’s house where fresh cookies are coming out of the oven. These memories and feelings reconnect us with our past and revitalize our happiness for the future. So take a minute and reconnect with your spirit. After all, waiting 10 minutes at the coffee shop for the first taste of your favorite specialty coffee may reinvigorate you for the day (or the week).


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