There are times we all feel like there is just too much going on too fast. Sometimes asking someone for help can help alleviate the stress, but all too often people stay silent whether it is due to worry about being a burden, fear of admitting its becoming too much, or fear of being told no. As humans, we actually enjoy helping others because it strengthens our social connections. Here’s another way of looking at it— If your friend needed your help, would you help them? Often, the answer is yes and so there is a good chance they would feel similarly if you asked them. If part of the hesitation of asking for help is admitting you bit off more than you can chew, then take a moment to ask yourself, is it worth continuing to sink or would it reduce some of your pain if you just asked for a lifejacket? If the bigger issue for you is worry about being told no, then consider who you are about to ask for help. Have they been receptive to you or others in the past? Is your request for help reasonable? There is a big difference between asking to watch your children for one Friday night versus every Friday night. Sometimes one question can change a lot!


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