June 4, 2013

At a previous job I had to downgrade to a smaller office when we moved. I was disappointed and annoyed, thinking it was unfair. It wasn’t a battle I wanted to pick, so I decided to embrace it. My new office had large windows with a great woodsy view. As I moved my stuff in, I made it a point to notice the window with the view, and actively appreciate the beauty. By the last box I was grateful to have been given this particular office, which I now viewed as cozy and nature-filled and ideal for me. Every morning when I walked into that office for the next five years, I felt happy being able to start my day with that view. During my work day I would notice it, and learned that a particular skink enjoyed sunning himself on the brick on warm days. Since I was now in the habit checking out my window occasionally, I saw deer meander through, chipmunks nibbling in the pine needles, and once saw a fox dart by. Squirrels and birds would tap and peck on the glass (just in case I was forgetting to appreciate it in that moment). If I hadn’t decided on actively appreciating my office on day one, I might have nurtured a sense of bitter entitlement rather than appreciation and happiness.


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