What do you do when Windows crashes? You reset your computer. How about when your cell phone freezes? Reset! These are called “soft resets” and the idea is that you can get rid of some minor malfunctioning by powering down and powering back up again.

See where I’m going with this?

Everyone could use a soft reset on occasion. Like our cell phones, we can all get in a weird place sometimes where we’re not functioning like we normally do. According to a mobile phone website, these are some things you can fix with a soft reset:

  • Not receiving messages. (Read: interpreting through a strong filter like fear, anger, or shame, so that you cannot really hear with the other person is trying to tell you.)
  • Cannot receive calls. (Not understanding or responding when other people need you.)
  • Cannot make calls. (Not reaching out when you need help.)
  • Lag or sluggishness. (Procrastination, feeling down, lack of motivation or energy.)
  • Not receiving emails. (Not really hearing what other people are telling you.)
  • Cannot send files. (Struggling to express yourself.)
  • Incorrect settings. (Waking up on the wrong side of bed or taking work stress out on your family.)
  • Responsiveness issues with touch screens. (Not wanting to touch or be touched.)
  • Network related issues. (Social isolation.)

When you notice yourself freezing, crashing, or dealing with any of the above, perform a soft reset. Maybe that means treating yourself to a nice lunch, reading on the couch in peace for a few hours, or hitting the basketball court to blow off some steam. Maybe it’s a sign you need to catch up on sleep, talk to someone, practice gratitude, or get some perspective. You never want to treat your cell phone better than you treat yourself, so figure out your soft resets and use them when you feel glitchy.


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