Happy 2015 everyone! The last couple of posts talked about New Year’s resolutions. But I started feeling a bit remiss in my happiness duties here as I’ve recently heard over and over again some version of “Goodbye 2014! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Why is everyone hating on 2014? Was it the economy? The weather? The huge amount of funk that we all got sick with this season? Maybe you experienced loss this year. Maybe there was significant struggle you didn’t expect. Maybe the good stuff you thought should happen, didn’t. Maybe what you really want to do is turn your back on 2014 and anticipate a brighter 2015. But listen – it happened. Let’s try to squeeze every bit of good we can from a year we think we want to forget.

Here’s a belated challenge that I like to do at the end of each year: take a moment to think back on the previous year and come up with all the good stuff that happened. Not just the momentous or obviously wonderful events but also the small joys. And the little silver linings that speckled the tough times. Maybe you can even see the hidden good that could one day come from the painful stuff. See if you can send 2014 off with a hug instead of a kick in the pants. After all, you’re still here so 2014 had at least one redeeming feature.


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