February 18, 2013

Good posture allows your spine and not a whole bunch of struggling back muscles to support the weight of your upper body.

You breathe more easily with good posture, because you can use your diaphragm more effectively and allow your belly to expand. This actually allows you to use the entire length of your lungs and muscles, unlike chest breathing. You get more oxygen circulating to your muscles and your brain, allowing you to feel and think better!

Good posture allows your shoulders hang more naturally, preventing tension in your neck and shoulders and head.

You are perceived as more confident by others when you have good posture, and this affects how they treat you.

You actually feel more confident when you have good posture. Studies have shown that good posture increases the amount of testosterone released in the body (associated with level of confidence) and decreases levels of cortisol (associated with level of stress).

Not overtaxing my back muscles? Using deep, relaxing breathing? Thinking clearly? No neck and shoulder tension, or tension headaches? Having people respond to my confidence? Changing my body chemistry so I feel more confident and less stressed? I feel happy already!


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