Do you ever get tired of the endless depressing stories presented on the news? Watching the news helps keep you informed of current events. But watching too much, especially considering the negative tone of most channels, can harm your mental health. Covid-19 news has added a whole other layer of stress to people. 

Because of these things, looking at Good News Network is a great way to stay informed and happy! As the name suggests, this website only shares the good news. The first story from them I saw detailed how staff at Cornish Seal Sanctuary made a dating site, Fishing for Love, for an otter. He ended up finding a girlfriend, and they now live together! Along with silly stories, they also have more informative information: for example, “Australia [set]… aside 30% of its land mass to protect its unique species.” 

Even though the bad news is thrown at us so often, that doesn’t mean good news doesn’t exist! So, next time you want to get news updates (or just want to see some cute stories!), try going to the Good News Network!


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