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October 29, 2012

My title – Getting out of the house in the morning – will resonate with you if you have young children. My young children are 2 & 3 years old. (the oldest is nearly 4) Our mornings consist of drama and chaos, despite the old “we’re going to have a better morning tomorrow” silliness that we say on a regular basis. Starting our mornings even a few minutes later than normal will make for huge challenges. However, regardless of the level of chaos, it all ends quite abruptly when the kids are buckled in the car. It’s like a switch has been flipped & all is well in the world again. I have no idea what “it” is that contributes to this dramatic change, but it happens every single morning – without fail. So for that reason I am so VERY happy to get out of the house every morning…at least Monday through Friday!

If you have experienced the morning chaos, what are your suggestions for minimizing that pattern?



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