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So often we block our own happiness by carrying around the weight of our guilt and regrets. For you to fully live your life, you have to begin to let go. It is important to know that we can only interact with the world at our current level of consciousness. So often we blame ourselves for the things we said or didn’t say, or the choices we made or didn’t make, but the truth is that you did exactly what you thought you needed to do at your level of consciousness at that time. Maybe you were acting out of ignorance, or out of pain, and you couldn’t see this back then. But so often, it is making these mistakes in the first place that builds up the pressure to bring us into a higher level of awareness, and from there we retroactively assess ourselves. Who you are today is a result of you becoming more conscious and aware of yourself and the world based upon your experiences. Instead of regretting a situation, you can thank that situation for the new awareness it gifted you, even if you also hold sadness for any hurt you may have caused yourself and others. Once you give yourself the gift of forgiveness, you stop feeding into the blame cycle, which can help you forgive others as well. Note that forgiveness is different from accountability. You can hold yourself and others accountable without bearing the emotional burden of mistakes longer than needed. Letting go leads to a happier you and a happier world!


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