Throughout our daily stressors we face and the constant worries of not knowing what is going to occur next in our lives, we often miss out on something we constantly are told to do: enjoy the present moment. It is hard to stop and breathe to soak in what is happening around us, the beauties we pass everyday outside, and the people we are sharing moments with, however, according to recent studies, regardless of how “fun” or “enjoyable” the present may seem, those who focus on their present lives and environments tend to be happier on a daily basis.

Research has focused on mind wandering being a crucial aspect of not living in the moment, and is something that can be extremely hard to control. Yet, through practicing mindfulness and either engaging in activities that allow you to slow down such as yoga or meditation or taking note of what you are currently doing can be a big help in practicing being in the moment. So, next time you are walking outside, driving to work, or even washing dishes, practice being aware of the moment, and appreciate the surroundings that surround you!


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