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October 8, 2012

I genuinely enjoy exercise. It’s a bit of an endorphin “high” for me and definitely helps me regulate my mood. But it’s not good enough to just get a casual walk, or even a more intense walk in a shorter period of time. I don’t need the casual walk, but rather I need the dripping-in-sweat-from-my-eyelids-to-my-knees type of workout. I am quite happy with myself when I exercise hard – happy with my commitment to my health, the endorphin rush, and the post I can make on Facebook telling everyone how fantastic I am because I worked out & they probably didn’t. I wish I could exercise for 2 hours every day…but reality gets in the way of that plan. So I do what I can & really savor those happy, sweaty workouts when I can get ‘em.

Does exercise make you happy? Is it a stress release?



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